Troubleshooting Your Phone SystemTroubleshooting Your Phone System

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Troubleshooting Your Phone System

Shortly after we had a new phone system installed at our office, we realized we had no idea how to take care of it. We were left wondering what strange error messages meant and how to handle the software that we were supposed to use with our new system. Fortunately, one of our brighter employees understood how to handle phone problems, and he worked hard to help us to remedy the problem. My blog is here to help other business owners who might be struggling with their new and improved phone system. Check out these articles to find out how you might be able to improve your business.

How To Install A False Air Vent Grille To Cover A Hidden Safekeeping Compartment

While you should protect your property through several means, including alarm systems, stronger locks, security lighting, window bars and a variety of others methods, the use of deception to protect your possessions is also highly effective. Below is how you can easily and inexpensively create a false air grille-covered compartment that is large enough to hold several valuables and is easily accessible when needed. Tools and materials needed Fixed-blade louvered return air grille designed for a 14-inch by 6-inch opening Read More