Troubleshooting Your Phone SystemTroubleshooting Your Phone System

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Troubleshooting Your Phone System

Shortly after we had a new phone system installed at our office, we realized we had no idea how to take care of it. We were left wondering what strange error messages meant and how to handle the software that we were supposed to use with our new system. Fortunately, one of our brighter employees understood how to handle phone problems, and he worked hard to help us to remedy the problem. My blog is here to help other business owners who might be struggling with their new and improved phone system. Check out these articles to find out how you might be able to improve your business.

4 Ways A Business Owner Can Make A Business More Secure

Opening a business is a huge accomplishment-- it takes a lot of work to secure funding, open an office or store, and attract customers. As a business owner, there are several things that you can do to protect your business and prevent financial loss. Use the following tip to increase your company's overall security:

Install a Security System

As soon as you sign a lease for office or commercial space, you should immediately make plans to have a security system installed, such as from ASI. In this day and age, most businesses opt for a monitored security system that also includes surveillance cameras. When you choose a monitored security system, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the authorities will be promptly alerted if the security system is triggered outside of business hours. There are many security companies that offer both security system installation services as well as around the clock monitoring.

Invest in a Good Shredder

As a business owner, it is important to protect your company's financial information in order to prevent fraud. One of the easiest ways to do this is by shredding sensitive information, such as credit card statements and bank account statements after they have been recorded. You may want to consider scanning your credit card and bank statements prior to shredding in order to have a digital copy that can be protected on your company's computer network.

Consider Better Locks

Technology has changed when it comes to locks, and you have many more options than just locks that are unlocked with keys. You may want to consider a lock that requires a code, the swipe of an access card, or even a biometric lock that requires a person's fingerprint. Taking advantage of the new types of locks available can make it easier for you to control who is coming in and out of the building.

Protect Your Company's Computers

Hacking and online fraud is a major concern for everyone now, including companies. It is in your best interest to password protect all computers and assign different access levels to employees based on their responsibilities. If you have a company website where customers can pay for products or services online, make sure that your site is completely secure and encrypted so you don't have to worry as much about hackers stealing the sensitive financial information of your customers.You may want to consult an IT firm that specializes in online security to assist you with setting up your computer network.